Domino’s Pizza 41 profiles. Pay the right way. Assist customers with any food order questions in the store. Pizza Delivery Drivers must be safe and responsible individuals who are capable of representing their company at all times. In periods of downtime, Delivery Drivers will be responsible for helping out in-store staff members.

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If the restaurant services customers in the city, Pizza Delivery Drivers can deliver their orders on a bicycle, weather permitting. What happens in reality is that the restaurants often will not track this time and pay the driver only the tip credit wage for all or most of the hours, regardless of the fact that minimum wage for pizza delivery driver may be spending a large percentage on their time inside the restaurant performing non-delivery tasks.

Open Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs. Pizza Hut Pizza Delivery Driver salaries – salaries reported. Pizza Hut Delivery Driver. Industry Pizza delivery drivers work in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

Pizza Delivery Driver Job Listings. If the restaurant is located in the suburbs or a rural area, it is likely that the deliveries will be made using the driver’s car. The wear and tear on your vehicle ,and little pay. Papa John’s Pizza Minimum wage for pizza delivery Driver salaries – salaries reported. Its a great environment to work in, everyone is happy and helpful if you don’t minimum wage for pizza delivery how to do things.


Upload a resume to easily apply to jobs from anywhere. Drivers must be comfortable with driving at night in all weather conditions, especially snowy, windy, rainy and foggy evenings. As drivers, foor are at an increased risk of traffic accidents. View Data as Table. Drivers must be capable of tracking travel expenses i.

Pizza Delivery Driver Salary (Australia)

Pizza minimum wage for pizza delivery drivers typically use their own cars to make deliveries but may also use a company delivery vehicle. I need salary information for… Myself. Woodstock’s Pizza Pizza Delivery Driver salaries – 4 salaries reported.

Education Requirements Becoming a pizza delivery driver requires little or no formal education. Pay the right way. Most use their own vehicles to deliver food orders.

On-the-job training is provided to pizza delivery workers, who often shadow a more experienced driver while learning the ropes.

Pizza Delivery Driver Salaries

Pizza Delivery Drivers must have excellent communication and customer service skills and should be able to perform small computations to ensure that the customer is being charged correctly. Pizza delivery drivers also accept payment for the food.


Pizza Delivery Driver Reviews. Low cost on fuel. Clean all food preparation areas and dishes. Generally, Pizza Delivery Drivers must be insured and provide immediate proof of insurance and licensing upon hire.

Pizza Delivery Drivers are individuals who are highly motivated and able to work unsupervised for long periods minkmum time. With the increase of smartphone-based food delivery companies, such as GrubHub and DoorDash, more independent drivers may be used to deliver pizza and other food from restaurants that did not previously provide delivery services.

Pizza Delivery Driver Salary

Compensation is typically a mix of hourly wages and customer tips. This includes time spent in transit munimum the customer’s address to the restaurant.

Job Description Delivery Driver. Job Growth Trend Job opportunities for delivery drivers are expected to stay about the same over the next decade, with little to no growth or decline.