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However, during my intense transfers, the signal strength went only to “very good” once in a while from excellent without affecting the speed of 54Mbps. Great performance and inexpensive Charles W. Here’s a link to other sites’ info and please if anyone finds out how to fix then please please please post it on up: Copyright – , Tech Support Forum. Could it be the network card? User reviews on www. I can find no faults with the card, would buy again and would recommend to everyone.

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Just joined this forum since i have the same issue with this bloody Trendnet TEWPI wireless card and i cannot resolve it myself. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. It’s in my girlfriend’s pc and it always works when the pc starts and then interweb access stops less than tew 423pi xp mins later.

I have 2 computers, my laptop and the desktop with the wireless card. WD external disk write protection, Still trying to figure out the root cause however. The tew 423pi xp now is It’s feature is that is has a removable antenna and will accommodate replacement antennas.


Trendnet TEW-423PI

Uninstall the Trendnet software using it’s own uninstall utility that appears when you select Trendnet from the programs list 5.

Now the computer stays connected as tew 423pi xp used to with the wired network. You tew 423pi xp choose from omni-directional or directional models, here are a some examples. Give it a litle bit, and once its authenticated, and got a network address – you’re up and running.

Well, I installed the card 2 days ago and it’s been working flawlessly. The summary is that perhaps It gets a very strong signal. Please run this on the machine with the problem.

54Mbps 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter

Originally Posted by flynorth. I was planning to update the drivers, but everything is working so smoothly right now I don’t think I’ll bother why mess with a good thing?

A soft reboot fixes it but then it fails again after minutes. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Restore disc s for a Lenovo The Netgear and Gew cards were terrible weak signal, dropped connections and I ended up returning them. After its done, power down, and power back up.

tew 423pi xp

Yours may be different. For really long range outdoor teew, this 24dB parabolic WiFi Antenna may be a good choice. Find your network under Available Network, type in your network password.


Trendnet TEWPI Wireless PCI Adapter

I have a client who has the “Version C1. This product worked fine, there is nothing more I could ask for!

No micro-freezes No Windows Wireless Utility in the system tray fighting it out with the Trendnet utility. Copyright -Tech Support Forum.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. If you see the bubble on the bottom is where the 1. Could it be the network card? The Tew 423pi xp and Microsoft cards on tew 423pi xp other hand worked fine, tee the initial install wasn’t without some aggravation. That card is based on the Realtek chipset.

Power off the PC, and remove the card 4. All I had to do was enter the security code using the connection software.